Saturday, September 19, 2009


May 11th, 2007

i already came back to my sweet and warm penang home for almost 1 week. however, i cant have any sort of happiness of getting home. in fact, i feel abit lost. should i come back? or should i just spent my time in singapore, instead of staying home?

everyday, i just watch movie, eat, sleep and this cycle repeat again. i really want to go out to find friends, but i really wondering who should i go to find for? at that time, i started to feel loneliness and another thought flow through my mind:" Are they still my friends?" we already lost contact for almost half a year. last time when i came back, we went for karaoke, went to mcdonald and chit chat, came to my house and we played mahjong and watch movie. however, all these may not happen again in this long vacation. studdenly, i felt that:" they are no longer my friends!! they already have their own friends in University and still, i have none of them with me right now in my hometown!!" when i really want to find them, ask them for outing, i will halt when i heard that:"they are working and no time for outing!!" ouch….. cant find them for happy hour.

how about those who are not working? erm…….. seems like they also busy with their stuff and dont want to be disturb. they are either not in the hometown or dont want to come out, due to lack of $$.

i did have some travelling plan in my mind, but for a moment, i just sitting in my sweet home and continue my meaningless lives. God!! please come to save my meaningless live!!!! i want to have the feeling of coming home!!!

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